How to Keep Your Files Safe

I think many of us came across a safety problem concerning the usage of computers and the Internet. If you’ve been using your laptop or desktop for quite a while, then you must have encountered many lost, deleted, accidentally formatted, or stolen data problems. In order to avoid such mishaps, we can follow simple steps that will help us to be more cautious.

  1. If you work with a computer at a hotel or other public place, spare some time for the deletion of your files before shutting it down.
  2. If you connect to the Internet at public places, be careful visiting websites that require your password and log in. Any evildoer could steal your login name and password if only he connected to your computer (which is not difficult having the right software) and used Keylogging software.
  3. If you’re using a printer at some hotel, make sure that after you finish printing your documents it would be turned off and then turned on.
  4. Make sure that your computer is protected with some kind of a firewall and your antivirus program has the most recent updates.
  5. Let’s say that you came back to your hotel from a long conference and want to chat with your wife or kids. If you try to connect to the Internet and come across some requirement to install additional software in order to start browsing, avoid such installation. You don’t have to install any additional program to start using the internet.

Now, I will present some tips on how not to lose your data.

  1. Always make backups of your files. Do this not only before going on vacation but also on a trip, especially if it’s related to your work.
  2. Try not to use your laptop in places of high humidity. Use it only in dry places, eg. in a hotel’s lobby or room, airport waiting hall.
  3. Do not drink coffee or tea, or any drink when your laptop or desktop is on and near you. You wouldn’t believe if you knew how many laptops are damaged because of spilled liquids. If you work with a desktop, then the keyboard can be replaced, but this rule does not apply to laptops. Spill a cup of coffee and your laptop may be gone.
  4. Check electricity tension. Some voltage drops can cause shutdown and damage to your computer.

Let’s assume that you lost your data and now you are standing at the crossroad thinking about the value of the lost information. Maybe it’s only vacation pictures, or maybe it’s very valuable work files. It depends on the situation. Anyway, you should know that any lost data can be restored if your physical drive did not burn in the fire or sank in the ocean. At least 90 % of the lost data can be restored. At least computer technicians say so. However, the price may vary from 100 dollars to 3000. It depends on the damage.

You should not try to take your hard drive out. If your hard drive is wet because of spilled fluids, do not try to dry with a hair drying fan.

If your hard drive became unreadable, do not put it in the fridge. Do not use programs in order to restore damaged data, it could only make matters worse. And do not try to clean your hard drive. It would be better to take it to a PC repair shop. Leave this work to professionals.